Our Camps

Cameron Ridge Bungalows, our main camp, is accessible by vehicle.  It is a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive northeast of Williams Lake.  The cabins sit at 4500′ with an unbelievable panoramic view of the Cariboo Mountains that will take your breath away.  There are four cabins, two guest, a kitchen and a shower house along with washer and dryer.  Power is generated by a 4000Kw Onan generator. The cabins are all heated with propane to keep you warm on those cooler fall nights.  Moose,  fall black bear and goat will be hunted out of this camp.  We hunt by 4×4, ATV, on horseback or on foot.



Ghost Lake Cabins are an incredible place to hunt both trophy moose and trophy mountain goat.  There are two cabins situated at the end of the six-mile lake accessed by boat or floatplane only.  The smaller cabin can sleep four and the larger cabin is the kitchen and dining area and able to accommodate two people.  A shower house will be set up for your convenience after a long day in the field.



Mossy Antler Cabin is located on the north arm of the largest fjord lake in the world, Quesnel Lake. We do most of our spring grizzly, black bear and the last fall moose hunt from this camp.  The cabin is situated right on the lake accessed by ATV, boat or floatplane.  A small gen-set for power will be up and the cabin also features a barrel wood stove for heat.


Mitchell Lake is 15 miles long accessed only by floatplane; an unbelievable area to hunt mountain goat. If you are a serious goat hunter looking for a record book trophy mountain goat, this place and hunt is for you. Outfitter tents with wood stoves and propane lanterns will be used as a base camp on the shores of Mitchell Lake. During the hunt you will be spiking out on top of Roberts Peak. Mitchell Lake has the highest concentration of goats within our area and because of the terrain is more challenging to hunt. If you are an avid fisherman and during any down time this is the lake to catch fantastic dolly varden trout.



Comet Creek is a unique camp as all the cabins are eight sided. It is accessible by vehicle and is a great place to hunt moose, spring grizzly and black bear. There are four cabins; two guest, one for guides and a kitchen with dining area. The cabins are heated with energy-efficient wood stoves. There is no power into the cabins, however a small generator is on hand to charge any batteries.



Outfitter Tents will be used for spike camps to hunt moose. Depending on the area we would be hunting would decide whether we are using horses or ATV’s. The camps are comfortable with cots to keep you off the ground and a wood stove to keep you warm and dry. A shower house is also set up for a hot shower at the end of the day.



Alberta Hunting Camp is a comfortable bed and breakfast arrangement.