Available Hunts in British Columbia

Black Bear Hunting
Big Game Hunt
Costs from $5,800.00 to $6,800.00.
Spot and stalk
Mountain Goat Hunting
Big Game Hunt
Costs from $14,700.00.
This is a fabulous goat area with very little hunting pressure over the years. The average goat harvested is 9 ¾ with no more than five goat hunters per season. Many of these goats have lived out their lives, some never setting eyes upon man. One such area was successfully hunted in 2019. Another area, reopened in 2016, after a 25-year closure is accessible by air only. If flying is not in your budget there are several other options, a boat access only, which is an excellent hunt to combine with a moose or hunting the main valley using the deactivated logging roads to access. During your goat hunt you will be spike camping out of a mountain tent. The hunt ranges in altitudes of 5000' to 7000', sometimes glassing for hours. Average shots are around 300 yards but be able to shoot up to 500 yards
Canadian Moose Hunting
Big Game Hunt
Costs from $7,800.00 to $9,200.00.
The hunts are located in the Cariboo Mountains of British Columbia. Moose hunting is during the rut end of September to the end of October. Several different methods are used, such as tower blinds over mineral licks, high alpine meadows, or clearcuts, glassing clearcuts, river hunting, hiking, and calling along trails. This is an 8 day hunt, either 1x1 or 2x1.
Combo Hunt
Hunting trip
Costs from $17,200.00.
14 day hunt for Mountain Goat/Moose/Black Bear includes all licenses, tags, taxes, professional guide, GOABC HPF,
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